Coping and Self-Care

Thoughts about #mentalhealth #socialdistancing #isolation and #covid19 in March 2020:

In our house we have set up daily goals for this period of social distancing. The idea is to ensure that everyday we do something PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, COGNITIVE, and CREATIVE. We wrote out specific activities so there is something tangible to choose from each day. Physical activities might be doing an exercise video, going for a walk, stretching, yoga, or dancing. Social activities include video calls (we wrote a list of friends/family to choose from), or writing a letter (set up a pen pal for your child and yourself, write to someone in a nursing home). Cognitive activities could be watching TED Talks or documentaries, reading, writing a story or poem, practicing another language or musical instrument, doing puzzles, math games, logic problems, and so on. Creative activities include art (drawing, painting), crafts, music, make greeting cards, cooking/baking, knitting/sewing/crocheting, or photography. Of course, many of these activities draw from more than one area, but that’s okay. Being outside is very good for your mental health, try to get some fresh air and sunshine.

While you are keeping your mind busy with a variety of activities, also limit the time you spend checking the news. When you do check the news, pay particular attention to stories that are inspiring and heart warming. Practice positive self-talk by telling yourself things like – “this is temporary” “I am going to make the best of this time” “I will get through this.”